The cost of building a house extension in Leeds

If you’re looking to gain an extra bit of living space then adding an extension to your house can be an excellent option. But is it the best option when it comes to value for money – and just how much does it cost to build an extension to your home?

We will happily provide you with a free estimate - all you have to do is call us, but as a really rough guide, as at 2015 you can work on the basis that it’s likely to cost around £1,000 to £1,250 per m2 to extend your home. This is dependent on one or two variable factors such as the type of material you choose (brick, stone, rendered breeze block), whether you have a flat roof or a pitched roof and others.

The price that we've shown above does include basic plumbing and electrical work (it’s known as 1st fix in the trade), but it’s not going to include any bathroom furniture or kitchen units.

Is a single storey extension cheaper per m2 than a double storey extension?

Well, strangely enough, no. It’s actually the other way round - it can actually cost slightly more per m2 to build a single storey extension, but in reality the difference in cost is likely to be really small. Of course, the price per square metre will also depend on the complexity of the build so we ask that you consider this as a very rough guide.

The cost of an extension will vary, dependent on several factors:

  • Whether your extension is single or double storey (single storey is more expensive per m2)
  • How available your builder is - good builders are generally busy builders, and, as well as you having to wait for them to do your job,they’re likely to charge you a little more if they have lots of work on.
  • Will you be using a specific type of brick or expensive stone to extend your property?
  • Are you going to need special handmade hardwood or will standard UPVC windows be OK?
  • Are you going to need any special building foundations or RSJ steel supporting beams for the extension?
  • Will you be doing any work on the project yourself, such as labouring, decorating or laying flooring?
  • Is the builder going to provide a price for all electrical and plumbing work (including electrical sockets, aerial points etc.)?
  • Does the price need to include a fully fitted kitchen, if so, how much are you wanting to spend?
  • Does the price need to include a new en-suite bathroom, a house bathroom, a shower room or perhaps a WC?
  • And finally, is the extension going to have a flat roof or a pitched roof, or both?

Also, don’t forget the non-build costs, such as:

  • Planning - allow approximately £1,000 to £3500 for this (we can give you a more exact figure if you call)
  • Kitchen and appliances - allow anything up to £10,000, but this depends on lots of factors
  • Bathrooms - allow around £2,000 to £3,500 per bathroom, but again, this depends on many things
  • Decorating - allow approximately £10 - £15 per m2
  • Flooring - allow approximately £10 - £80 per m2
  • Any unforeseen extras, such as additional plug points, lighting etc. - budget to allow 3% of the total cost

Of course, the above is just a very rough idea to give you some indication as to the cost of extending your house.We’ll happily meet with you to talk you through some real figures for your extension and can provide a full estimate to you free of charge and without obligation. So please, call us on Leeds 0113 370 8931.